Soothing Water Falls

Here is an image of something soothing nice movement and softness all in one let me know what you think everyone does it look soothing to you to…

~ by Brett Morgan on January 11, 2012.

6 Responses to “Soothing Water Falls”

  1. Classic long exposure. Like ist. Especially the tones.

  2. Hey Brett, very nice composition here. I keep coming back to this and checking it out, theres just something about it, that bottom fan of water may be it !!
    Hope your well mate. Have a few new posts on the blog and google+, you should get onto google+ it has an incredible network flow and a massive flow of photography from all corners of the globe
    Cheers Adrian

    • Hi Adrian yeah I’m busy painting the apartment at the moment oh what fun that is having a ball but nearly done now and its looking good hey.
      Yeah I love this image I am going through all of them at the moment and going to print off heaps have a little project going on hey 😉
      Cheers for dropping by to mate.

  3. Lovely shot..

  4. Nice shot Brett

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