While on location yesterday evening shooting some amazing sunsets some of the best I have seen in Perth for a long time I spied Adrian shooting some images with his little Fuji well I tell ya that little thing packs a punch but to the point I couldn’t miss this shot so hand held at ISO 2000 with my 70 – 200mm attached at F2.8 I snapped this image off and I think it came out pretty damn fine eh.

~ by Brett Morgan on August 13, 2011.

6 Responses to “Relaxation”

  1. Yep sweet shot mate…thats what we do alright!

  2. Nice mate yep put that through ya printer and I will send over the bottles of red
    Very cool indeed

  3. Could only be done well with a Nikon Brett, Got the Henson look about it, Nice.

    • Hey Hodgy cheers mate thats a huge compliment indeed and yes indeed the old Nikon does such an awesome job in low light and high ISO eh 🙂
      Cheers for dropping by to mate 🙂

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