The old Mudbrick Hut

Well here is something different trying to take this image to somewhere way out there.

We were driving along the other day and myself and Mark spotted this little gem and well lets just say it was open so we went in and got some images I have also got a 8 image stitch which includes this Hut so look out for that one to.

Let me know what you think everyone is it good or bad come on be brutal is it worthy of fine art 🙂


~ by Brett Morgan on August 2, 2011.

6 Responses to “The old Mudbrick Hut”

  1. Nice conversion mate like it, pity I didnt get out there and join you boys

  2. Hey Brett, Looks good, I recon it would look more “fine arty” if it was darker, a bit more contrast in it maybe. just a thought.

    • Cheers Danny yeah I can see what your saying might have to have another look at the processing and slap up another version eh and cheers for dropping by eh 🙂

  3. Love this shot Brett. I’m right into these sorts of shots at the moment.

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