Outback Colours

I had the opportunity to go image hunting with Mark Stothard yesterday out in the middle of the never never well it seemed like it we covered some beautiful country and a lot of kilometres some 900 there about’s anyway so just a few for a day.

We had been told of some amazing rock formations out near Bonnie Rock so we set off in the morning at just after 0500 hours with a mission in mind and mission it was because we found what we were looking for a Rock Formation that somewhat resembles Wave Rock called Berringbooding Rock.

There was other amazing scenes along the way with our eyes popping on a few occasions and getting some beautiful images we did.

Here is the first of many to come I hope you all get some enjoyment out of them as we had a fun day thats for sure :).





~ by Brett Morgan on July 31, 2011.

2 Responses to “Outback Colours”

  1. NIcely done mate! You worked on this one for a while so I am pleased to see it came through for you!

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