Reef an Rock

I went out on a shoot this morning with Adrian well early mornings are not normally my thing well not at 3am anyway but armed with Sharlene I was pretty excited to say the least, heading to a new location to shoot is always exciting but with a new lens I think I say this for everyone its even better.

Well we found some pretty awesome seascape country and even had a few laughs along the way with me stubbing my big toe nearly doing a Fletch and dunking my camera in the drink thank goodness I didn’t but it was close.

Anyway enough of the rambling here is the first image of the morning let me know what you think :).

Shot with Sharlene haha my new 14 – 24 mm F2.8 on the good old D3S


~ by Brett Morgan on February 27, 2011.

2 Responses to “Reef an Rock”

  1. Nice mate. Like the square format. So what do you think of that lens?

    • Cheers David yeah I seriously love this lens I shot a heap of images with it and it is so sharp its not funny this image was shot at F2.8 @ 30 sec so you can see from that alone its pretty good and I can’t wait to shoot some Portraits with it eh.
      Cheers for dropping by to mate šŸ™‚

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