North Beach on Fire

Yet again looking through some old images I think I took this image way back at the start of summer or sometime in late spring and I have no idea why I never processed it but hey I have now let me know what you think :).

Has anyone gone through some of there old files looking for something for a project and discovered a piece of gold let me know.

Shot with my trusty as D3S 50mm prime F1.4 🙂


~ by Brett Morgan on February 22, 2011.

6 Responses to “North Beach on Fire”

  1. Not too bad Brett….yes I found the cool Autumn shot a few weeks after the shoot after going back to see what I could find!

    • Cheers Mark yeah its funny what you can find sometimes I was dumb founded I even had this shot and the others I had saved them inside another file lol.
      Cheers for dropping by mate 🙂

  2. Hi Brett I am liking your paintery (is that a real word?) look mate. Well done.

    • Hi David yeah not sure thats a word but I will surely take the compliment eh 😉 yeah this image was pretty close to how it cam out of the camera though.
      Cheers for dropping by mate eh.

  3. I just find crap and go why the hell did I take a picture of that and put it on my hard drive, hahahah
    no its good to see how much one improves and develops their skills.

    • Your not alone there mate I have done that so many times seen an image and gone what the hell was I thinkiing hahaha but yes its awesome to re process images from time to time to see how far you have come I have been doing it a bit lately and surprised myself to be sure :).
      Cheers for dropping by mate eh

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