Well yesterday I treated myself to something pretty damn good I headed off on the True North for the Australia day workshop and well what a blast that was meeting new people well faces to fellow bloggers really and getting some real inspiration out of the day was just amazing.

I took so many images now to try and get some gold together to win that printer hmm or the bag ah just the day was enough for me I got my moneys worth in just meeting CF, Markie Mark, Flemming and Tony Hewitt who has inspired this piece of fine art well hopefully it can be classed as that and not something else and also Nick Rains that man is a walking book on PS eh ;).

Well I spent a few hours on this image last night so hope it was worth it 🙂

Shot with the Nikon D3S 24-70 f2.8



~ by Brett Morgan on January 27, 2011.

7 Responses to “Rotto!”

  1. Very nicley done Brett. I think look at another version without the pink grad and just a darker tone in keeping with the other colours for my taste…but it has the makings of gold I reckon mate!

    • Thanks Mark I haven’t actually put a pink grad in there it was the sky there was a really pastel colour in the sky at sunset but put a few other elements from the day in there but might have a look at it.
      Cheers for dropping by to mate :).
      Might have to do the Bins next eh lol.

    • Done it cooler for you let me know what ya think:)

  2. Go the bins son…there is gold out there!

    • Yeah I am going to do one up thats for sure but I’m struggling with the way I want to process it eh I actually get what CF was saying about the story behind an image and telling people what they can’t see and I actually have an image like this just not sure how to portray it is all.

  3. Brett both real cool images!

    • Thanks David I like the first one and the second one too not sure which one to even put in now lol but I have so many more to work on but my favourite so far is the Bins ;).

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