Bremer Bay Rocks

Well after being inspired by Christian Fletchers Black and White sand dune image I went digging and well found something from nearly two years ago and well re-edited it in a way thats was a fair bit different and came up with this.

Now I’m not sure why but my page still won’t open the images up in a new window when you click on them so you might have to right click it to see a bigger image.

This was shot with my D90 18-55 lens a fair while ago so as you can see they still produce a great image.

Hope you all like it as much as I do I think it’s my little bit of gold eh 🙂



~ by Brett Morgan on January 25, 2011.

4 Responses to “Bremer Bay Rocks”

  1. Nice one Brett. Bremer is nice. I go down there often as its only 160km from here.

    Nothing wrong with a D90, been plenty of great images, including this one, captured on one.

  2. Are you getting these shots out of the gallery in wordpress when you download them?

    That’s maybe why they are opening in another window.

    Get them straight from the desktop or folder or wherever and then insert them and it should work.

    • Yeah I am getting them from the desk top Merv not sure why they are doing what they are they used to load straight up when I first started the blog ah well, but I will try what your saying mate cheers for dropping by to eh :).

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