The early days.

I recently went to my old home town of Manjimup for my oldest uncles birthday and got some nice shots of there old family home and the church my nana and  grandfather got married in.

I have done them up in hopefully a style that works eh :).


The old house has looked better but what character it has eh.



Shot the images with my trusty D3S and 24-70mm lens f11 🙂


~ by Brett Morgan on January 2, 2011.

8 Responses to “The early days.”

  1. Yep they look like early day shots mate!

    • Hey there Mark yeah wasn’t really the best time of day but was driving past and thought I should get some shots while I am here cheers for dropping by hey mate :).

  2. Brett like them both a pair of cracking images.

  3. You edited them very well.

    I always take photos of my old hometown. There is something about capturing a then and now cross section of my history that appeals to my senses.


    • Thanks D it is always great to get back good feedback and know that someone else enjoys your images thank you for dropping by and making a comment too :).

  4. yeah really good editing here Brett, both look excellent. well done!


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