Black & White of Lara

Well this image is a B&W of the earlier one I did but never posted it so this ones for David 😉 hope ya like it too mate.



~ by Brett Morgan on November 29, 2010.

10 Responses to “Black & White of Lara”

  1. Reminds me of a song mate…’tell Lara I love her…tell Lara I need her….’!!! 🙂

    Very pretty girl!

    • Indeed she is mate very bubbly nature too, got some great shots mucking around as well sorta loving this studio stuff at the moment eh and even set up a shoot with her she does fire sticks so hopefully got something pretty out there coming up eh :).

  2. Sweet…hope she doesn’t burn any of those pretty bits! 🙂

  3. Always been a fan of rock climbing actually! 🙂

    • Yeah me to but I have never done it myself I’m getting right back into my diving at the moment starting my CCR course on the weekend now that is going to be fun indeed diving wrecks to 50 plus metres eh :).

  4. Don’t get bent mate!

    Too deep I reckon…the long term effects of that sort of diving are not good…be careful!

    • Nah been diving for years been to 45m on scuba but getting into re-breather diving now but I will be careful and ya never know might get myself a housing and get some great photos too. Getting bent is not something I plan on doing but it does happen one just has to really keep an eye on them selves and train and practice :).

  5. Brett mate awesome image! Very well done indeed.


    • Cheers for the comment mate I quiet like this one too the B&W seems to be softer and just brings somethings else to a portrait thanks for dropping by again to mate 🙂

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