Love or Lust

Well I dont have a macro lens yet but when I get home it is going to be the first thing on my shopping list from my trusty store as always but anyway I took picture of a rose in the garden of the War Memorial they have here in Mudgee and I must say they look after it and it looks very well respected indeed.

This image is of the Memorial of there World War I Diggers

More of an arty look at it I like the way flowers in front add some colour.

Shot again hand held with my trusty D3S 🙂


~ by Brett Morgan on November 15, 2010.

4 Responses to “Love or Lust”

  1. Amazing flower shot, love the red roses..
    If you are using the nikon then go for 105mm macro lens ,, it’s wonderful

    • Hi Ali,
      Thanks for the comment and for dropping by always great to get some good feedback and yes indeed that is the lens I am getting in about a week eh :). I love flowers and mainly roses hey.

  2. Nice job mate, don’t mind the old rose myself. Have a few out front.

    • Thanks Mate I couldn’t help myself eh just love taking images of flowers and basically what ever takes a fancy thats why my images are so varied I guess eh. Thanks for dropping by to mate and hopefully we can all get together for a shoot down south eh :).

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