Golden Paddler

I was sitting around this afternoon and I was like I need to get out again so I headed down to Cottasloe to see what I could come up with and there were a few guys out surf paddling ( I am sure thats what they call it lol ) and while I was getting some images of these guys doing there thing a Kayaker came into the view so I quickly though of what I wanted and then waited and bam came up with this image I like it the golden sunset really went off in this shot eh.

I shot the image with my trusty D3S using the TC-20eIII Teleconverter on ISO 1000 shutter 500 F8.

I think the shot came out pretty good hope you all like it :).



~ by Brett Morgan on September 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “Golden Paddler”

  1. I do like it Brett, good job mate!

  2. Cheers mate I love the gold in it I didn’t even PP the image warmed it a little in raw then sharpened it and slepped her up lol so happy eh cheers for dropping by to mate :).

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