Seascapes Trigg

Here are some more images from Trigg Beach from last night.

I think the Black and White really does these kind of images justice I hope you all like the images 🙂



~ by Brett Morgan on September 18, 2010.

10 Responses to “Seascapes Trigg”

  1. Lovely images – the black and white does emphasize the water, very nice!

  2. Hi Brett,

    The last one really does it for me. Looks like I’m going to have to get back out there and get some more seascapes with this sort of competition! 😉


    • Hi Jamie,
      Cheers mate Its my fave as well, your seascapes are better than these though mate I’m not quiet there yet I went out last night but came up trumps really but the sky was amazing and wasn’t smart enough to get a better location but got some skies to use.
      Cheers for dropping by again to mate might have to catch up for a seascape shoot sometime eh :).

  3. Actually I was thinking of maybe lining up a location this coming weekend for everyone to meet up and do some seascapes.


  4. Great photos Brett,I really like how the B&W emphasises the water movement. Just out of interest, what software do you use to convert to B&W?

    • Hi Lloyd,
      Cheers for the comments mate yeah I use Nix software Silver Efex Pro but also just use Photoshop mate depends on the effect that I am after but I am tending to do more B&W white just to learn more about the light in the image, I just play around sometimes until I find something that works with in the image well hopefully anyway lol. Cheers again mate :).

      • Ok, I’ve recently got silver efex pro but I can’t seem to get the results i’m after, and definetly nothing as good as this, they look excellent. Oh well, I better keep on trying I guess!


  5. Lloyd I use several techniques added together though mate I do a detail layer then some colourization layers then slap it into Silver Efex then few more I sometimes get the best by just using Photoshop though with the Luminance adjustments once converted to B&W mate but keep practicing mate you will get there your getting some great images eh.

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