Contemplation by the Sea

I went out this afternoon chasing a composition I have had sitting in my head a some time after looking at some of the awesome seascapes that Jamie Paterson has been doing this year.

I headed down to one of my favourite spots to shoot and the tide was out and the ocean was playing along pretty good so I went up the beach in search of something special well I found something and here it is let me know what you think people :).


~ by Brett Morgan on September 17, 2010.

4 Responses to “Contemplation by the Sea”

  1. Love the soft water – nice exposure. Love the B&W – nice shadows. Great job!

  2. Hi Brett,

    Thanks for the mention you’ll make me blush! This is a great find, I’m trying to work out if I know it or not. I love the composition and the black and white. My only question is have you shaprned this at all?

    The rocks / beach / person all look a little soft.



    • Hi Jamie,
      No drama at all for the mention mate you are doing some great stuff eh the spot is down at the Trigg Beach car park about a 5 minute walk to the North but there is a secret little adaptation to this image I flipped it thought it looked better, I haven’t sharpened it at all but used another process on it that I have been using a lot I got from Calvin Hollywood but could maybe use some sharpening a we bit eh thanks for the feedback and dropping by to mate :).

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