Battle Field

I was going through some images and came across this one I had already edited up and felt like I could take it to a better place something more aged and moody I guess and here is the finished image hope you like it as much as I do.

I shot the image hand held with my D3S with my awesome 70-200 attached love this lens 🙂

Here ya go Mark I hope you like this one better and thanks for your input to :).

Hopefully this one is way better Mark spent a bit of time on it :).


~ by Brett Morgan on August 17, 2010.

14 Responses to “Battle Field”

  1. I like the composition Brett but it looks a little too dark on my screen…perhaps just a levels adjustment a tad?

    • Yeah cheers Mark I purposely made it a tad dark to add the mood of a gloomy battle field but I was thinking it was a bit dark so will do a levels adjustment and add it up, cheers for the drop by to mate :).

  2. Yep I get the mood bit Brett, but when it is too dark to see the detail…then it is just that mate…too dark!

    • Cheers Mark I have added the new image up under the old one for you to see let me know what you think and cheers for the feedback to very much appreciated mate :).

  3. Somewhere between the 2 mate! And be selective with the lightening so that you have the nice shade definition to the hills and keep the lighter areas to be the areas of focus.

  4. There you go mate…much better in my humble opinion!

    • Yes indeed Mark there is no such thing as rushing an image hey I took some more time took about 3 levels adjustments and some hue adjustments to and yep looks heaps better and thanks for the help to mate :).

  5. No worries Brett!

  6. The last one is definitely the best one. How are the business plans going? I’ve been playing with portraits. So much to learn!

  7. Heading Back up to Port Hedland Supervising some maintenance there for a while see how it goes but looking forward to it eh.

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