Old Fremantle Power Station

I was out driving today with the camera in toe and was just really looking for somewhere to get some good shots and on the way home from Rockingham I was driving into Fremantle thinking there must be something around there to shoot.

I came across the old Fremantle Power station and have always wanted to get inside and shoot some of the amazing artwork in there so I found a park and proceeded to find an entry looking out for guards at the same time of course.

Well above is some of the images I got all taken with 9 exposures and processed in CS5 HDR Pro then added a few layers after as we do :).

Anyway I hope you like them I would love to shoot this location with some models and strobe the place up would come out awesome I think.

Cheers for looking.



~ by Brett Morgan on July 17, 2010.

6 Responses to “Old Fremantle Power Station”

  1. There’s some good stuff in there Brett…like the first 2 the best.

    • Cheers Mark my favourite is the second one but yes there is some awesome images to be had in there I could of stayed there all afternoon, cheers for dropping by to mate :).

  2. Art it self Brett, well done!

    • Thanks David I added a we little bit of art to the images I had to compliment the artist’s and if your ever around the area you should go and have a look there really is some awesome artwork in there and thanks for dropping by mate :).

  3. Hi Brett I was i the old power station yesterday, the art work in some of your pics is still there, some modified, others changed all together.

    I noticed whilst looking through the place there is no signs of drug use there (which is good) however i suggest you frequent atleast once a month to watch the art work change.

    only being there twice myself the change is interesting and informative.

    Regards: Greg Williams

  4. HI Greg,
    Thanks for dropping by yes there wasn’t any sign of drug use when I was there either but there was a homeless guy sleeping in one of the rooms, and yes they are always down there re designing there art work I think it would be a good release for them to cheers again.

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