Swan Lake

I went for my usual drive this afternoon in search of something to motivate me some more something with mood and substance.

I was driving along Karinup drive not even knowing where I was going when I looked to the right to see a wet land and thought well maybe this could be promising so I proceeded to turn off and find a parking spot,

I exited the car and yeah there was mood in the clouds that was for sure so anyway headed off down to the tree line to find a lake with about 100 swans just frolicking around minding there own business and my eyes lit up with excitement.

I grabbed the camera and thought of getting some nice bird images to start with but the light was to dull and nearly gone for the day but just right for a nice Panoramic shot of the lake.

I set up the tripod and camera with the 24-70 and my lee grad filter set slapped on the .9 soft grad and shot off these 14 images to make up this Panoramic I like it a lot and am really starting to come into my own in succeeding to capture a good image.

Swan Lake

Shot with my trusty D3S F11 3 sec exposure ISO 100 at 24mm.

I hope you all like the image as much as me I am not sure if my page is working still so if you right click on the image and look at the image on another page it should come up a decent size.


Brett 🙂


~ by Brett Morgan on June 28, 2010.

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