Eclipse of the Moon

The Dark Side

Well I went out last night to try and get an image of the eclipse and came up with this image its not to bad I like it but its nothing out of this world.

I sat on the bank in South Perth waiting for some special to happen hoping it was going to turn blood red or something but nothing but an eclipse really it had some extra colour about it though anyway hope you like my take on it.




~ by Brett Morgan on June 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “Eclipse of the Moon”

  1. Hey Brett,

    Great photo! I tried to take a few photos of this eclipse but mine turned out rubbish, I was wondering what settings/lens you used to take this one?


    • Hey Lloyd yeah I didn’t like it at first isn’t that how it always works lol.
      Yeah I took it using my 70-200 vrII mounted with a TC20EIII Teleconverter F5.6 1/80 shutter speed ISO 200 on my D3S at 8:04 pm.
      I had to crop the image down a bit but came out pretty good processed the image a little in Photoshop to get the detail out etc.
      Hope that was a help for you mate I tried different setting’s for about 20 minutes and this one seemed to work a treat on my D3s.
      I wish I had a 600mm to shoot it with but don’t we all lol.

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