Early Morning Jaunts

Today is my day off and what a pleasure it is finally I can get up early and go trek for some sunrise shots.

The alarm went off early and something unusual happened I jumped straight out of bed which for me on a normal work day is hard work as I am sure all of you can understand.

Excited to get my gear and head off to a location which I was hoping would bring some nice shots I started the car and raced off into the distance to Pretty Pool which is like an out suburb of Port Hedland which is also where I took some nice shots the other night of the stairway to the moon.

As soon as I had arrived I could see the colours starting to appear over the horizon so I grabbed my bag and tripod and headed down to the flats and started searching for a subject to shoot. After getting some nice sunrise shots for a panoramic I am still working on I got this nice shot of a Mangrove with the sun hitting it just as the sun came up over the horizon.

Simple things are sometimes the best

Nikon D3s  24-70 lens at 32mm aperture f5.6 shutter speed 1/100

Hope you like it comments are gladly welcomed.




~ by Brett Morgan on April 5, 2010.

4 Responses to “Early Morning Jaunts”

  1. Hi Brett, mate love this image! Well done. Yeah I know what you mean about those sunrise shot, but all worth it!


    • Thanks David it was early but like you said so worth it I am finally starting to get some really good images together and now to get into gear and finish my website I think.

  2. Brett. your photos look great keep it up and we must go out in Hedland sometime and get some more.

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