Point Peron Sunset Dreaming

I was down visiting a good mate of mine and as any good eager photographer I always have my camera in the car handy for ocassions like these that arise.

I was driving back up to perth when I decided that maybe I should try and get a nice couple of shots of the coast line around rockingham as I have never shot them before.

I headed around to what I thought would be a good location and started to trek off along the beach and around the corner some few kilometers and by now I was getting a little under the weather because I am a man of such great fitness at the moment, then a little further on I saw this composition that I was looking for I hope you all like it as I love the vibrant colours that came out in this shot.

Colour Dreaming

I shot this with my new Gitzo tripod and my awesome D3s and trusty 24-70 f 2.8 lens at f11 and 6 seconds from memory I just simply love the colours glowing across the ocean aswell.




~ by Brett Morgan on April 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “Point Peron Sunset Dreaming”

  1. very nice indeed brett as you know ive lived in rockingham for 8yrs and there is some great photograhy to be takeing around here.

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