Camp Thunder and Lightning

I was out working in the middle of No Mans land and every night there was storms coming from everywhere and lucky me I had my trusty D3s with me so I got some good shots.

I had to dodge the lightning and the BHP cars coming past because I don’t think somehow I was ment to be where I was haha to them and thank goodness I didn’t get struck by any lightning to I say.

Anyway without further a do here are some images from Redmont where I was hope you all enjoy.


BrettStorms and sunset can make for awesome colours and even a lightning bolt for good measure..

Here is a Panoramic of the same storm over the Redmont Rail Camp

The Storm with a bit of HDR affect in there for a bit of affect.

Couldn’t not put in a good lightning shot so here is one for you allThe Lightning came pretty close.


~ by Brett Morgan on March 7, 2010.

4 Responses to “Camp Thunder and Lightning”

  1. Excellent photography

  2. Cracker lightning shot there Brett!



  3. Thanks Mark it was pretty close which makes it easy but they are hard to get hey.

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